Step back in time when you travel to this ancient North African country, a place of rugged natural beauty, and discover one of the most preserved glimpses of an ancient civilisation.

The mighty Nile River, from which the Egyptian Empire flourished, the unbelievable pyramids and vast desert will leave tourists in awe. The country’s fascinating history, culture and warm, welcoming people are the stuff travel dreams are made of.

Embark on a journey up the Nile River, visit the Valley of the Kings, enjoy a camel ride in the desert or explore the Giza Necropolis where the Great Pyramids reside. A trip to Egypt will leave you with plenty of activities and things to do.

Egypt offers beachgoers lazy sunshine days on sandy shores. The adventure doesn’t stop here though as the Egypt beaches are a popular windsurfing and water sports destination.


South Sinai – â€˜Egypt’s paradise’ is what South Sinai is dubbed. Luxury resorts and great weather, South Sinai is a must for beach lovers.

Blue Hole – An incredible diving and snorkelling site in Egypt. Its a coral-lined sinkhole that reaches depths up to 130 meters.

Valley of the Kings – Live out your Indiana Jones dreams when you vist this archaeological wonder. This is where you will find the pharoahs’ final resting place in their fascinating tombs.

Pyramids of Giza – Built almost 5000 years ago, these ancient wonders will have to be seen to be believed. The oldest of the three main pyramids, the Pyramid of Khufu, remains largely intact and is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Nile River Cruise – Sail past the ancient tombs and temples on a cruise ship or a dahabiya (small wooden ship), a wonderful way to see Egypt. Cruises usually sail between Aswan and Luxor.

The White Desert – Talk a walk on the moon in this strange desert landscape where uniquely shaped limestone rocks jut out in weird formations. Located in the Western Desert of Egypt.

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