Luxury Villas In the Maldives

Our villas at Soneva Fushi are located on the sunset or sunrise side of the island. While both sides have the Maldives’ signature white-sand beaches and crystal clear azure waters, there are a few differences.

Sunset side: For snorkellers

This side has three house reef access points and dolphins are more likely to be spotted in the channel.On this side of the island it is possible to see our neighbouring island, Eydhafushi, approximately 650 metres away. Guests who want more privacy may consider staying on the sunrise side of the island.

Sunrise side: For privacy

Enjoy virtually unimpeded views out to sea, as Maalhos, the closest neighbouring island on this side, is just a speck on the horizon. This side is perfect for early risers who want to enjoy the morning tranquillity.

Diving at Soneva Fushi

The Soleni Dive Centre’s multi-lingual PADI instructors as well as the small dive group sizes ensure that you get a world-class diving experience, whether you’re doing your first or your hundredth dive. There are many dive sites with rich marine life around the resort, sure to tempt all marine enthusiasts.

A number of diving courses are available, including:

  • Discover Scuba (basic theory, basic exercises and one shore dive)
  • Resort Course (four dives, one theory and logbook)
  • PADI Scuba Diver (five dives, book, theory, logbook and certification)
  • PADI Open Water (eight lessons, book, five theory, table, logbook and certification)
  • PADI Referral, experience and advanced
  • Refresher Dive

Equipment may be rented.


Non-Motorized Water Sports

Soneva Fushi offers a range of complimentary non-motorized water sports, including kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, windsurfing and catamarans. Private tuition is available at an additional charge on an hourly basis.


Snorkel with Manta Rays

Join us searching for the enigmatic, graceful, inquisitive and charismatic Manta Rays in the waters of the Baa Atoll. If the conditions are right, the team goes to Hanifaru Bay, located only 20 minutes by speedboat from Soneva Fushi, which has one of the world’s largest population of Manta Rays. When time and tide align, fortunate snorkelers get to observe and capture a rolling, whirling feast where it may be possible to see hundreds of these large yet harmless creatures congregate to gorge themselves in the plankton-rich waters. There are also several other locations close to Soneva Fushi where Manta sightings are common, so the exact itinerary of the trip may vary to maximize the chance of seeing these magnificent creatures.  If Mantas cannot be seen on the trip, the Marine Biologists will lead an underwater discovery tour to showcase the stunning scenery of the marine life in the Baa Atoll.

*Manta sightings are frequent but not guaranteed.

June – October


Freediving at Soneva Fushi

Freediving is the exhilarating practice of discovering the underwater world using only a single breath. You will learn finning technique – how to propel thorough the ocean, increase your breath hold capacity, ability to both relax and focus, equalisation and of course safety, which is paramount.


Guided Snorkelling with the Marine Biologist

Accompany the resident marine biologist on a guided snorkelling trip to one of the spectacular reefs found in the Baa Atoll. They will guide you through the reefs and introduce you to the various species of marine life. You may also be lucky enough to encounter beautiful sea turtles and manta rays, which are common in this area of the Maldives.

House reef snorkelling and night snorkelling are also available. Peer through the night waters at moray eels, lionfish, octopus, lobsters, sleeping parrotfish and bioluminescent plankton.


The Observatory

Gazing at the stars from out here in the midst of the ocean, far from the lights of civilization, we were amazed at how much could be seen with just the naked eye. And so Soneva was inspired to take it to the next level.

Peer through the lenses of the state-of-the-art telescope and set your eyes upon the Plough of Saturn and its serene, translucent curves. Count the moons of Jupiter. Take advantage or their remote island locale, and see celestial bodies invisible from Europe and much of the world.


Cinema Paradiso

Waves lap at the shore. Breezes rustle the treetops. And stars shine on screen and overhead. You are invited  to join a classic film screening in the open-air theatre. Lie back in your cushioned lounger atop the beach and immerse yourself in the magic of Cinema Paradiso.

Complimentary popcorn and over different flavours of ice cream are the perfect comforting munchies for the on-the-sands theatre experience. And should you desire a chilled cocktail, or something more substantial, the cinema hosts will be happy to oblige.


Dinner and Dance on the Sandbank

Just say the word and the musicians will be requested to accompany you to the private sandbank for an intimate evening with loved ones. Lie back on the rattan mat and enjoy the live music by local musicians while the chefs put together a selection of indulgent dishes.


Jungle Dinner

Experience nature in all its splendid glory with an intimate dinner in the middle of the jungle. You will be picked up from your villa and will take you blindfolded to the secret jungle location. There the chefs will have created a culinary journey where each course tantalises one of your senses.


Full Moon Dinner

Once a month, over the lunar cycle, a unique dining experience is crafted and served on the private sandbank. In celebration of the full moon, the team creates a moon-shaped seating arrangement under the splendidly lit night sky.  Please ask your Mr/Ms Friday about the dates of the next full moon.


The Cellar Dinner

Designed to whet the palate of wine enthusiasts, the Cellar Dinner is an unforgettable seven-course culinary celebration created by the Executive Chef and served in the candlelit underground wine cellar. Five unique wines hand-picked by the Head Sommelier will complete the experiences.


Sunbathing on the Sandbank

Retreat to the tranquility of the private sandbank to enjoy a relaxing time on your own as you soak up some sun. The experience is yours for two-hour slots and the sun umbrella, towels and water are included.


Sonu’s Picnic

Take your desert island experience to another level, and try Sonu’s favourite – lunch on a desert island prepared by your own personal chef. Dip yourself in the crystal clear blue lagoon with an in-house snorkelling guide while your chef prepares gourmet temptations in the most romantic of settings.


Private Sandbank Dinner

Treat yourself to a memorable dinner on a private sandbank set in the middle of the Indian Ocean. After meeting with you, the executive chef will design a bespoke menu to suit your palate and your hosts will set up a beautiful table at the water’s edge.



The Baa Atoll is the Maldives’ only UNESCO World Biosphere reserve, and is home to a tremendously high diversity of marine life, even for Maldivian standards. Soneva Fushi encourage its guests to get up close and personal with the marine friends by scuba diving, snorkeling or by learning the art of freediving.


Sobah’s Dinner & Cruise

Named after Chef Sobah, the ‘Best Chef in the Maldives’ award winner, Sobah’s is a traditional Maldivian restaurant located on an uninhabited island only 15 minutes away by speedboat from Soneva Fushi. Chef Sobah has been with Soneva for many years, and after consistently winning local and international culinary awards, year after year, Soneva gave him his own restaurant, which opens twice per week.

The cuisine is uniquely Maldivian using recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, and the food is prepared using traditional cooking methods.  The ingredients are sourced from what Sobah buys fresh from the fishermen each morning or what he scavenges from the island of Mendhoo itself.  After dinner, learn about the starry night sky from the resident astronomer, while enjoying some of the finest digestives.


Surfing in the Baa Atoll

Discover the beautiful Maldivian waters with a surf trip to one of more than 11 different locations in the Baa Atoll. Surf perfect waves in the warm sun, with no one else in sight with your own private instructor. All spots are located within 30 minutes by boat from Soneva Fushi and are suitable for beginners through to advanced surfers. Resort offers half day and full day surf trips with an instructor, as well as hourly surfing classes. Surfboards are available to be borrowed at no extra charge. May to September offers the biggest waves, although beginners will enjoy the activity year-round.


Evening Fishing at Soneva Fushi

Arguably the oldest profession in the Maldives, fishing is one of the most relaxing activities for the busy traveller. Those who might rank themselves as talented fishermen with a sixth sense for good fishing spots would find it a worthy challenge to test the plentiful waters of the Indian Ocean for an impressive catch. Heading out in the boat just before the sun sets is a chance to enjoy the spectacular natural scenery, stunning sunsets and rich underwater life of the Maldives, while enjoying some canapes and cool beverages to make the experience even more unforgettable. The captain will take you to secret spots known for big game yet away from the reef to avoid causing any damage.

The crew can provide assistance to fishing enthusiasts of all levels, and can also teach the basics of fishing with a simple line and a sharp hook. A maximum of two fish per person can be kept, while all others caught must be released back into the ocean. For those lucky enough to bring back a sizable catch, a meal featuring the fruits of your labor will be prepared by the chefs at the resort.

Time: 16:00hrs to 19:00hrs


Soneva Art

Soneva Art is an extremely unique and innovative art programme, as not only do artists exhibit their work in the Soneva Art Gallery, but they also create these works within the same compound at Soneva Fushi. All artwork exhibited at Soneva Art has been created on the premises, with an emphasis on utilizing waste materials from, and natural materials found on or around, this breath-taking tropical island.

Enjoy the truly rare experience of learning how to blow glass in Soneva Fushi’s own glass art studio. Their experienced team of glass specialists work very closely with the guests to create their very own masterpiece to take home.

All works created at the Soneva Glass Studio are made using recycled glass bottles from Soneva Fushi and other nearby resorts.

A personalized tour of the Soneva Art Gallery and the Soneva Glass Boutique is available upon request.


Trip to Eydhafushi Island

Pay a visit to the capital island of Baa Atoll to immerse in the local culture by watching the islanders as they work, rest and play. Learn how they build their houses, the traditional dhoni boats and prepare their food. We request you to please observe the dress code as detailed in the A-Z compendium.


Trip to Maalhos Island

Maalhos is a quaint traditional fishing island with only 600 inhabitants. Visit the area where the local ladies sit weave mats and baskets as it has been done on the island for hundreds of years. We request you to please observe the dress code as detailed in the A-Z compendium.


Island Hopping by Speed Boat

Get a quick taste of two neighbouring islands and enjoy a special snorkelling trip to one of the reefs in Baa Atoll. Soak in the Maldivian islander culture as you visit the mosque, school, boat-building areas, talk to some of the locals and enjoy an authentic Maldivian lunch at Maalhos Island. We request you to please observe the dress code as detailed in the A-Z compendium.



THE DEN & Children’s activities


The owners envisioned Soneva Fushi as an island of dreams – for all ages – so while creating a new children’s club they sought out the input of their smallest guests. Drawing inspiration from their childlike wonder, The Den is a playground for the imagination. Children explore a pirate ship, two swimming pools, lego room, dress-up area, cinema, library, learning area and music room filled with instruments.


During family time, parents can even head over to The Den with their little ones to enjoy their very own shallow pool.


Of course the entire island and surrounding sea is a wonderland for families to enjoy together. Watch for dolphins on a traditional dhoni sailboat. Let their astronomer share star-gazing secrets before bedtime.


The Den space and programme are designed for children 4 years and above, however children of all ages are welcome. Children who are aged 4 and above can play in The Den without their parents, should they wish, and under supervision. We request that children under the age of 4 are accompanied by a parent or babysitter at all times (A babysitter can be arranged at additional cost). The resort emphasizes that the Den is a family-friendly area and parents are very welcome to spend time with their children in the pool, on the sun-loungers, or playing in one of the various activity rooms.


The Den is open daily from 10:00-17:00, and do not close for lunch, hence families and children can order In-Villa Dining to The Den should they prefer. Also, on the weekly schedule, the team organize several evening activities for young guests as well (including Movie Night Under The Stars and Sandbank Cocktail Party, among other things). The hosts are on-hand to facilitate play, Story Time, Shadow Puppets, Night Rangers and much more.


The Den is complimentary for all in-house guests.


Some recommended family activities at Soneva Fushi:


Family Picnic with Guided Snorkelling

Pick your favourite unspoiled island and allow the team to arrange their resident marine biologist to escort you on a guided snorkelling experience through one of the best reefs in Baa Atoll. Following the marvellous expedition, make your way back to dry land for a gourmet picnic, complete with a personal chef and waiter on hand.


Private Cinema Experience

Kick your feet up and lie back on the cushioned lounger with your family as you catch your favourite classics at Cinema Paradiso, the al fresco movie theatre. The waves lapping the shore, the gentle rustle of the trees and the glimmering night sky will only add to the experience. An additional option of a barbecue dinner served during the movie is available at an extra charge.





Astronomical Dinner Cruise

This incredible experience begins at late sunset, featuring a four-course meal with wine pairings. The resident astronomer will guide you through the wonders that stare back at you across the night sky, sharing secrets of the cosmos. Favourite part of hosting guests is teasing their imaginations with unforgettable experiences. Imbued with romance, mystery, sensory indulgence or adventure, each custom experience takes you to new realms.


Gourmet Gastronomy and Oenology Experience

Make your way to the extensive wine cellar for a tutored tasting session with one of the sommeliers. Broaden your knowledge of grapes and wines and select your favourite to enjoy with dinner. Later, indulge in a meal crafted by their Executive Chef at either Dolphin Beach or Turtle Beach, the most secluded spots on the island.


Robinson Crusoe Castaway Picnic

Whisk away to one of the lush, uninhabited islands for a true castaway experience. Hop aboard their boat and sail to the island with your picnic basket and snorkel gear where you will be left to enjoy your day in the sun.


Finolhu Private Sunrise Breakfast

There’s nothing more magical than waking up to a glorious sunrise. Let the boat sail you over to a private sandbank where a continental breakfast will await your arrival. Cherish the moment when the sun emerges at the horizon and bathes the shore with warmth and light.


Private Sandbank Overnight Experience

Spend a romantic night camping under the sapphire Maldivian skies on your own private sandbank in a luxurious Bedouin-style tent, which even comes with its own WC!. Make your way to a candlelit dinner, set up by personal attendants before they depart to allow you to experience the unspoiled island. Breakfast will be delivered at a pre-arranged time of your choice.


Sunset Dolphin Safari

Get ready for one of the most fascinating experiences of your holiday; watching dozens of playful dolphins in the light of the setting sun. While you cruise deeper into the waters, you will be served a selection of canapés and flute of Champagne.

Rooms Available

Crusoe Villa from R90990

The original, secluded Robinson Crusoe hideaway with an upper floor outdoor terrace. The Robinson Crusoe castaway experience inspired the creators in terms of name and design. Walk the rope-tied gangway leading to your tropical terrace. Shower beneath sun or stars in your garden bathroom. The beach is at your doorstep. Tucked amidst the greenery on […]